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Regi Stone


Regi Stone is a worship leader and songwriter whose sole purpose is to help others encounter Jesus Christ's transformative power through heartfelt worship. With a relatable approach, Regi creates an atmosphere where people can connect with God on a deep and personal level. His music is a reflection of his own faith journey, filled with raw emotions and the unwavering hope he has found in Christ. Regi's songs are authentic and real, speaking directly to life's joys and challenges. Through his heartfelt melodies, he invites others to experience the life-changing love, healing, and freedom that can be found in a genuine encounter with Jesus.

Regi Stone is the publisher of Blank Slate Music Group, a newly established publishing company with a team of experienced writers. Regi brings a down-to-earth approach to his role, as well as a genuine passion for meaningful music and a sincere commitment to creating songs that truly matter.

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Regi Stone
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