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Who We Are

Blank Slate Music Group is passionate about writing songs with a message, impact, and heart. This team of seasoned writers excel in telling stories, evoking emotions, and inspiring listeners through their music. They expand their musical borders with a variety of styles, with an emphasis on authenticity and substance. These traits set the tone for the entire writing group, making it the perfect place for penning songs that make a meaningful difference. Through their collective efforts, Blank Slate Music Group aims for and hits the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere with songs that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impression.


Regi Stone

Regi Stone is the publisher of Blank Slate Music Group, a newly established publishing company with a team of experienced writers. Regi brings a down-to-earth approach to his role, as well as a genuine passion for meaningful music and a sincere commitment to creating songs that truly matter.

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Randy Cox

Randy Cox has 40 years of song building and writer development experience within the christian and country music business. He has published songs that have been recorded on albums that have sold more than 80 million copies. His mission is to bring that experience to writers at all levels, helping them grow their songs one at a time, in order to make them as commercial as possible. 

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